Being a Beach Bum in Mexico

Beach day in Cabo 10

Our last day in Mexico we decided we wanted to do nothing other than hang out at the beach all day long and soak up the last of the warmth and sunshine. There’s nothing I love more than a beach day! While it was the perfect day, it doesn’t make for a very exciting read, so I’ll let the photos do the talking. My one last remark is this — I am so, so thankful that we got to see this region of Mexico when we did, before it was ravaged by Hurricane Odile. How scary it would have been to be there during the storm! We’re thanking our lucky stars, that’s for sure.

Resort in Cabo 9

Beach day in Cabo 3

Beach day in Cabo 5

Beach day in Cabo 6

Beach day in Cabo 7

Beach day in Cabo 8

Beach day in Cabo 9

Beach day in Cabo 12

Beach day in Cabo 11


I’m wishing I was on a warm and sunny beach right now! Which photo is your favorite? 



September 26, 2014: Five Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone! My big news this week is that I turned 30! I thought I’d feel weird about it, but I feel great. My twenties were epic for sure, but instead of mourning those days, I just keep thinking of all the adventures I’ll have in my thirties and beyond. It’s funny how when you are younger certain ages seem as though they’ll be so significant, or that you’ll somehow feel different as you get older. Obviously there are certain things that do change, but overall, I feel like I’m pretty much the same person I’ve always been, and that’s awesome.


Image from Buzzfeed.

So in honor of my birthday, the first of my five Friday favorites is this hilarious list of 30 Unexpected Things You Learn in Your Thirties. But I still refuse to wear sensible shoes–I love rocking the heels! {Buzzfeed}


Image from Quirksee.

Seattle is such a cool city with an interesting history, and these photos provide a comparison of the old and new! {Quirksee}


Image from The Constant Rambler.

I love this beautiful part of the world I live in–we have some pretty cute critters! {The Constant Rambler}

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 11.00.22 AM

Image from NPR.

This is an interesting way to compare cultures–see what hospital food around the world looks like! {NPR}

HONY UN project

Image from Humans of New York.

I’ve talked about the blog Humans of New York before–I love it! It’s such an innovative way to look at a city, through the portraits of it’s citizens. Now, on special assignment with the UN, the photographer is traveling around to ten countries to promote eight international development goals that every member state of the UN agreed we should accomplish by the year 2015. If you have any preconceived notions about people in other countries, especially countries that make our news a lot here in the US (think Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Uganda…) then you MUST check out these portraits and the quotes that accompany them. It’s a beautiful reminder that people everywhere just want to be happy and free.

Happy Friday, and happy travels!


Snorkeling & Seasickness in Cabo San Lucas

After our day exploring beautiful and quaint San Jose del Cabo, we decided to venture into the “other” Cabo for a snorkeling tour. Cabo San Lucas is the better known of the two–it’s the one people are usually referring to when they just say “Cabo.” So I knew it would be touristy, and I thought I had prepared myself for that. However the moment we stepped foot off the bus, my first thought was “I hate it here.” It was tourist hell. Vendors everywhere hawking their goods. Trashy underdressed and overly tan tourists were overrunning the place. And nary a hint of traditional Mexican culture in sight. To be fair, we only explored the area right by the marina since we were en route to a snorkeling tour. But the walk around the marina quickly solidified my opinions that this was not my kind of place. Once we found our pier we sat down at a restaurant for a drink and tried to relax a little before our boat took off. That was basically the last nice moment of the day for me, because once we boarded the boat for our four-hour snorkeling tour, I started to get seasick within the first ten minutes of the voyage.

Cabo 4

Cabo 3

Cabo 5

For the next hour I sat as still as possible and started at the horizon. I could barely talk, and I definitely couldn’t move. Poor Matt. His fun adventures are always getting ruined by my wimpy stomach! Several other people were feeling sick as well–the water was so choppy that day! Another girl took pity on me and gave me some motion sickness medicine, but sadly it didn’t do a thing. As everyone else took advantage of the open bar on board, sunned on the deck and photographed all the pretty scenery, myself and about three other girls sat in the back of the boat in pure misery.

Cabo 6

Cabo 7

Cabo 15

Cabo 16

Cabo 14

Cabo 8

Cabo 9

Finally we reached our destination where we’d actually be snorkeling, and I have never been so happy. I thought snorkeling might help, or at least being off the boat might help. Wrong! After about five minutes in the water I decided the only thing to do was swim to shore and lay in the sand until it was time for the boat to leave. The other girls who were seasick had the same idea, and at one point all of us were laying in the sand watching our husbands/boyfriends have all the fun without us! On the beach I regained a little life (and a little burn) while Matt proceeded to snorkel, and take some beautiful photos.

Cabo 10

Cabo 11

Cabo 12

Cabo 13

I felt slightly better (but by no means healed) by the time we had to re-embark, but the swim back to the boat undid all the good the beach had done for me, and had me dry heaving in the water from swimming in the choppy waves. I scurried back aboard, made myself a bed of towels, and tried my hardest to fall asleep, which mostly worked, minus the time I RAN to the boat’s bathroom holding my mouth. People moved out of my way pretty fast…

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, we were back on land. You guys, I almost cried. I don’t think I have ever been so happy to see land in my whole life. Then began the long walk back around the pier to the bus stop, during which we were constantly hassled by vendors with words that made me shudder: “You need a water taxi?” I am pretty sure I gagged at the thought. One guy said to me as I walked by “Where’s your tan?” To which I angrily snapped “This IS tan for me!” I was probably more upset about that than I should have been, seeing as I was trying not to yack on my shoes.

Cabo 2

Cabo 1

Finally we found a Starbucks where we holed up for a while to soak up some cold drinks, air conditioning and bread, after which I felt like a whole new person. The whole rest of the day I didn’t feel 100%, but at least by morning I could tolerate looking at the ocean again!


Do you get seasick? If so, do you know any tricks to help it? I love boats! This cannot become a pattern for me! Please share tips below if you’ve got some!


Sun, Art & Exploration in San José del Cabo

After a couple of days of lounging around the resort like beach bums, we started to get bored. So we hopped on a locals bus into San José del Cabo for a day of exploring. After being waited on hand and foot and living a life of luxury for two days, getting on a $2 bus, walking through the less touristy parts of Mexico and spending a day wandering around and taking pictures, we felt much more like ourselves. We also had the best meal of our trip in an open-air restaurant full of locals–hands down the best way to eat in any new city!

We spent the first half of the day exploring the many art galleries, enjoying the beautiful architecture, the mission, and wandering in and out of shops.

Mexico 20

Mexico 21

Mexico 22

Mexico 23

Mexico 24

Mexico 25

Mexico 26

Mexico 27

Mexico 28

Mexico 29

Mexico 30

Mexico 31

Mexico 32

Mexico 33

Mexico 40Then we wandered into an aviary just outside of the main tourist area, and found these pretty scenes:

Mexico 34

Mexico 35

Mexico 37

Mexico 38

Mexico 39

San Jose del Cabo is a really lovely place, and we loved exploring it! Stay tuned for our foray into the other Cabo, Cabo San Lucas.

Note: It’s so sad to be posting these images of beautiful Cabo while seeing these images in the news after a hurricane devastated the region. I can hardly believe it’s the same place! My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Mexico.

September 12, 2014: Five Friday Favorites

Wow, it’s been a long time since I did a Five Friday Favorites! I had a hard time narrowing it down to five this time–I am SUCH a media consumer, especially when it comes to anything travel-related! If the story has the word “travel”, “tourism” or “wanderlust” in it, I’ll probably read it. Plus, I always enjoy hearing world news so much more than local news–local news can be such a joke sometimes, and I truly think everyone would be a lot better off if every media outlet devoted just a little extra time to world coverage. End rant. That’s the journalism major in me coming out! Anyway, without further ado, here are some entertaining travel and world news bits for your reading pleasure:

kids playing

Image from Bored Panda.

I love this photo essay of happy children playing! It reminds me of some pictures I took of kids in Korea playing in a fountain. Kids will be kids everywhere! {Bored Panda}

flight attendants

Image from Skift.

Some things to think about next time you’re grumpy about a flight delay… {Skift}

"                               "

Image from Nomadic Samuel.

The travel blogging duo (and recently newlyweds!) Nomadic Samuel and That Backpacker created this awesome guide of things to do in New York City–and it makes me want to go back so bad! {Nomadic Samuel}

It is crazy sad that it has taken this long, but finally, some of the perpetrators of the heinous genocide in Cambodia have been convicted. {New York Times}


Image from Huffington Post.

I’ve been to six of the world’s most visited countries (seven if you think Hong Kong & Macau count as China), and I definitely think they’re all beautiful in their own way! {Huffington Post}

Have a good weekend everyone, and happy travels!

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