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The Big Announcement: Our Travel Plans!


I have been hinting for a while that after we complete our contracts in Korea we’ll do some traveling. But now that our schools know we aren’t re-signing and we’ve booked the initial leg of the trip, I can now share our travel plans with you! When we left Seattle to come to Korea, Matt […]

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Prague: Unexpected Jewel of Europe

Proud to say this was not posed or photoshopped at all!  Just an incredibly cute old couple, and the amazing photo skills I have with my trusty point-and-shoot PS A540.  Take that big camera junkies!  (yeah, I know Andrea's one)

From the desk of Matt Vanni: runs slower than a bullet, can leap over …some small people, super-cool husband, and all-around awesome guy.  I hear he even writes blogs for his wife when she gets too busy!  Oh, and of course, amazingly handsome.  At least that’s what all his students yell (appropriate word) at him […]

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Aloha, Hawaii!

hawaii 12

The last few weeks in Korea have been deliciously warm and have had me dreaming of the beach. I was thinking back, trying to remember the best beach I’ve ever been to, and I thought of the amazing beach we stayed near on a trip to Oahu, Hawaii a couple of years ago. Two summers […]

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A Taste of Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

Andrea and Matt Koh Phi Phi

I was feeling inspired by some city wrap-up videos by other travel bloggers, and I always feel inspired by this song (I know, I know…it’s country…not usually my thing either), so I decided to make a video highlighting some of our favorite parts of our time in Koh Phi Phi, Thailand. I’ll probably be making […]

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Dreaming of Paris


Since we both took some really cool trips back before we were blogging, we’re going to devote every Friday (Korean time) to sharing some photos, memories and stories from those trips! Today, I’m missing Paris. I went to Paris in 2009 with some of my girlfriends, and while we only spent a few days there, […]

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