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Postcards From Southeast Asia

Postcard from Penang, Malaysia

Although we bought a number of postcards throughout our travels in Southeast Asia, we ended up barely mailing any of them. But I had a number of Instagram photos (and a few I never actually published on Instagram) that I felt were postcard-worthy, so in lieu of a physical postcard, here are some digital ones. […]

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He Says, She Says: The Best & Worst of Southeast Asia

Beach in Koh Chang, Thailand

Now that we’re home from our Southeast Asia travels, we frequently get asked the question “what was the best part?” That question continues to stump us. The best part? But that’s like choosing a favorite child…there are too many wonderful things about each of the places we went to easily distill our experiences into one […]

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Modern Toilet Restaurant: A Crappy Idea, or Pure Genius?

Modern Toilet Restaurant, Taipei 1

A few years ago, a friend of mine from work went home to Taiwan to visit her family. When she returned, she was showing some of us at the office some photos of her trip. Among these photos were a series of pictures from a restaurant–they showed toilet seats, food in toilet shaped dishes, and […]

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From Sea to Mountains: Taiwan’s Fulong Beach & JiuFen

JiuFen, Taiwan

We sat on the floor of the train, wiggling uncomfortably, trying to find a good seating arrangement. We had paid for the train, but we paid the lesser fare, which didn’t guarantee us a seat if the train was full. The train was full. So Matt and I, together with his college friend Dan and […]

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Taipei 101: A View from the World’s 2nd Tallest Building

Taipei 101 Tower

Taipei isn’t full of very many super-touristy things, but one of those tourist traps that we knew we just had to see was the Taipei 101 Tower. This tower boasts 101 above-ground floors (and five below) and it was the world’s tallest building until 2004 when the Burj Khalifa in Dubai was built. The building itself […]

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