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Roma, Amor: A Photo Essay

Rome 2015-131

After more than a month of coverage, we’ve finally covered all of our time in Rome! Next week I’ll start in on our time in New York City — another old favorite of mine that I manage to visit every few years. Until then, here are some shots that didn’t make it into other blog […]

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Wednesday Words: On Making Opportunity

2015 Rome Doors-9

I find words inspiring. Words are powerful, and words matter. But other than giving me a fleeting moment of inspiration when I find a quote I like, they’re not doing me a whole lot of good stashed in my drafts folder. So I decided to share words with you every Wednesday — words that are […]

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A Walkabout in Trastevere


Special Tuesday treat — Matt actually wrote a blog post! You don’t get to hear much from the other half of this wandering duo, so enjoy it! 🙂 Something I love to do in any place I visit it just wander. When I say, “wander,” I really mean WANDER. Aimlessly walking around, being happy with […]

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Buon Appetito: Eating in Rome


I’m writing this post before dinner, which in case you were wondering is a really bad idea. The food in Rome is SO GOOD. I think you’d have to actively try to find bad meals in that city. That being said, we tried to maximize our time by mostly only eating at restaurants that either […]

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Tolerating The Vatican Museum


I’m just going to come out and say it — I am not a big fan of the Vatican Museum. This has nothing to do with the contents of the museum — the museum itself is just too hot and crowded. I’d been there before and felt once was enough — in fact, the last […]

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