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Wednesday Words: On Being Present

Colonial District, Kuala Lumpur 5

I find words inspiring. Words are powerful, and words matter. But other than giving me a fleeting moment of inspiration when I find a quote I like, they’re not doing me a whole lot of good stashed in my drafts folder. So I decided to share words with you every Wednesday — words that are […]

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Postcards From Southeast Asia

Postcard from Penang, Malaysia

Although we bought a number of postcards throughout our travels in Southeast Asia, we ended up barely mailing any of them. But I had a number of Instagram photos (and a few I never actually published on Instagram) that I felt were postcard-worthy, so in lieu of a physical postcard, here are some digital ones. […]

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He Says, She Says: The Best & Worst of Southeast Asia

Beach in Koh Chang, Thailand

Now that we’re home from our Southeast Asia travels, we frequently get asked the question “what was the best part?” That question continues to stump us. The best part? But that’s like choosing a favorite child…there are too many wonderful things about each of the places we went to easily distill our experiences into one […]

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Food Round Up: Malaysia

Indian food in Malaysia

Malaysia is like mecca for food lovers. Because of its diverse population, the food of Malaysia is a delicious mix of Chinese, Malay, Indian and Indonesian. Plus, there’s the ever present presence of Western food, lot’s of bubble tea, coffee, and beer. Malaysia is not a place where you walk around feeling hungry for very […]

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Visiting the Most Famous Hindu Temple on Deepavali

Batu caves Malaysia 6

Hello lovely readers! I apologize for the lack of posting lately…we finally made it home to the States and we’ve been soaking up this time with our friends and family. It feels so good to be home! But I still have so much left of our adventures to share. So on the heels of one […]

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