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Things I Miss About Living in South Korea

Gwangju market garlic sellers

Lately, my blog stats have been blowing up, and it’s all because of this post about things no one tells you before moving to Korea. Overall, it’s a pretty negative post. That bothers me for a few reasons. First of all, I’m a pretty positive person by nature, and so I don’t love that the […]

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Chuseok (추석) Celebrations: Korean Thanksgiving

Gwangju fireworks 1

Today, we have the day off from school because yesterday was Chuseok, which is essentially Korean Thanksgiving. Like American and Canadian Thanksgiving, it coincides with the harvest, and it’s a time to be thankful for food and family. Unlike American and Canadian Thanksgiving however, there’s a memorial component–families pray for their ancestors and pay their […]

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How We Accidentally Became Matchmakers

Frank and Meg

I don’t know how I will get through the day today, because I am too excited! Tonight, some of our good friends Meg and Frank are landing in Korea, coming to stay with us for two weeks and see all that Gwangju and Seoul have to offer. We’ve already had two sets of visitors in […]

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I’m Excited, and Here’s Why!

jill and andrea 2

I have been looking forward to this day months. Today, my sister and her boyfriend arrive in Korea! It’s a short visit so I have every day pretty well planned out, but here’s what I’m looking forward to the most: Seeing them eat Korean food for the first time. Korean food isn’t very prevalent in […]

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Want To Teach ESL in Korea?

teachers day

Some of our more die-hard readers (hi mom and dad!) may have noticed we recently added a new tab near the top of the blog called  Teach ESL in Korea. After surviving the arduous application process to teach ESL in Korea, we felt we had some knowledge to share with other potential teachers. It can […]

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