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Cars, Models and Belly Dancers: The Busan International Car Show

Busan car show 11

After spending two days enjoying the sunshine and the beach, I (Matt) was ready for some entertainment other than partying foreigners and Korean families running into the water fully-clothed.  We had seen some advertisements and heard about the Busan International Car Show, so we decided to check it out! The car show was held at […]

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A Taste of Home: Gorging on Foreign Food in Busan

Busan_Indian food

I didn’t really notice until after we left, but we didn’t really eat any Korean food in Busan. In fact, in three days and countless meals, I think we had Korean food once. We were so stoked about the plethora of foreign food in Busan that we jumped at the chance to eat burgers, pizza, […]

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Busan’s Best Kept Secret: Gwangalli Beach

Gwangalli Beach 3

Although it’s not actually a secret, Gwangalli Beach in Busan is much more of a locals beach than the notorious Haeundae Beach. However, it’s just as beautiful (maybe more), with a gorgeous view of a huge suspension bridge over the sea and city-scapes stretched along its sides. Less tourists meant it was a much less […]

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Love Motels, the World’s Tallest Indoor Musical Fountain and More in Nampo, Busan

Buddha lanterns Busan

As I mentioned before, when we stayed in Busan we didn’t stay near the city’s famous beach. Instead, we were way over on the other side of town, in a neighborhood called Nampo. Nampo, Busan is notorious for a few reasons: one, it is home to Busan’s Yongdusan Park, which houses Busan Tower, and two, […]

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Busan’s Beach Art: Sneak Peek of the Haeundae Sand Festival

One of the first things we noticed upon our arrival at Haeundae Beach were the massive and extraordinarily impressive sand sculptures that lined the beach. Artisans worked all day long in the hot sun, carving intricate designs from the massive mounds of sand. We soon discovered that the following weekend was Busan’s famous Haeundae Sand Festival, […]

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