Food Round Up: Hong Kong

In addition to our amazing meal at the Temple Street Night Market, we had several other delicious and/or memorable meals while in Hong Kong. Food in Hong Kong is primarily Cantonese-style Chinese cuisine, with a lot of Western influences. Here were some of our most memorable meals:

Fried Dumplings & Sweet and Hot Soup

Food in Hong Kong: Dumpings and soup in Hong Kong

These were filled with chives and then deep fried, and they were served with a steaming bowl of sweet and hot soup and ice tea. Delicious!

Bubble Tea & Waffles

Food in Hong Kong: Bubble tea and waffles

One of my favorite things about Hong Kong (and Taiwan, and Singapore…) is the prevalence of bubble tea stands. Bubble tea is usually a milk-based tea that has chewy balls of tapioca at the bottom. People seem to love it or hate it—but I love it! There were a few bubble tea shops near my university, and when I lived in that area I drank them frequently. I hadn’t had one in a few years though, so it was a pleasant rediscovery!

This particular bubble tea place also served waffles—the waffle mix was poured into these weird irons with a bubble-like impression, so once they were finished you could pull off one small circle at a time to eat.

Noodle Dishes

Food in Hong Kong: Meat noodles

Hong Kong is well-known for noodle dishes, so one day we tried a few at a traditional Chinese noodle restaurant. The first photo was called “Meat Noodles,” which may be a bad translation, but essentially, it was a fat noodle-like cake topped with some shredded beef and beef gravy. The noodles were fairly tasteless, but the sauce was good.

Food in Hong Kong: Shrimp wonton noodles

Food in Hong Kong: Noodles and beef

The second photo is egg noodles with shrimp wantons  and the third photo is of something similar, although instead of wantons it had beef chunks.

Sichuan Chinese Food

Food in Hong Kong: Sichuan Chinese food

This meal was more memorable than delicious. The dish on the right was shredded cabbage drenched in butter, which was understandably delicious (anything with butter is delicious, right?!). The dish on the left was shredded potato, green onions, and chili peppers. When we started eating it, we realized our mouths were going numb. Now we’ve become fairly accustomed to spicy food (Korean food is very spicy), but this was a whole new kind of spice…it didn’t TASTE spicy, but then, all of a sudden, you can’t feel your tongue. We couldn’t finish it.

Peking Duck Pizza

Food in Hong Kong: Salad and Peking Duck Pizza

A friend of ours that has been to Hong Kong a few times had recommended a pizza place called “Pizza Express” that served an amazing Peking duck pizza (Peking duck is a Chinese specialty). We were so bummed that we never made it there, but then, serendipitously, as we wandered the airport on our last day in Hong Kong looking for a place to eat, we found a Pizza Express! We promptly went in and ordered the Peking Duck Pizza, and we were not disappointed! The other location is in Mid Levels—if you find yourself in the vicinity of either branch, check it out!

Food in Hong Kong: Peking duck pizza

So there you have it, the highlights of our culinary tour of Hong Kong. If you’ve been to Hong Kong, what’s your favorite thing to eat there?


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4 Responses to “Food Round Up: Hong Kong”

  1. Amanda November 12, 2012 at 12:11 pm #

    If you end up going to Bali go to Kopi Bali House! They had vanilla oreo bubble tea, it was sooo amazing. The coffee is good too.
    Amanda recently posted…Photo of the Week (38)My Profile

    • Andrea November 12, 2012 at 5:48 pm #

      That sounds really good…if we find ourselves in Bali I will be sure to look that place up!

  2. Steph (@ 20 Years Hence) November 13, 2012 at 10:05 am #

    Seeing this post has made me miss Hong Kong SO MUCH. We spent just under two weeks there, largely just eating our way through the city. We hardly had a bad meal there, though ironically, the one bad meal we did have was at Temple Market (paid way too much and got completely ripped off on the chili crab we ordered)!

    Ok, I am salivating now, and here in the Philippines, the food is just nowhere near as good!

    • Andrea November 14, 2012 at 6:04 pm #

      I think the market is pretty hit and miss. The place we went was super crowded, so we figured it must be good! What kind of food is common in the Philippines?

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