Wacky & Weird Korea: A Photo Essay

Korea can be a weird place. Periodically I accrue enough photos of bizarre things that I can put together a little collection for your enjoyment–such as this post of the eccentricities of Korea,ย and this one showing Korea in pictures. So here you are ladies and gentleman…a little taste of wacky and weird Korea:

Busan statue

Matt found the Easter Bunny in Busan!

Seattle bar in Bundang

I can’t believe there is a Seattle bar in Bundang, Korea!

South Korea

I think this creepy thing is advertising fried chicken…the creepy one on the left I mean.

ad in south korea

I know I like my brunch semi-nude…

cat shirt korea

My sister has the BEST taste in clothes.

men on stilts south korea

Men on stilts in Seoul.

creepy statue south korea

This is so creepy!


I will have a fine feeling day!

cat cafe advertisement south korea

Another cat cafe ad…aren’t these enticing??

South Korea tee shirt

Conor rocking his awesome Korean souvenir.

smoking out mosquitoes

The first time I saw this I thought there was a fire…turns out they’re just killing mosquitoes.

south korea statue

What is with all the creepy statues Korea??

plastic surgery ad south korea

Plastic surgery ad

south korea ad

I have no idea what this ad is for…

couples outfits south korea

None of these men were together, but somehow they were sitting right next to each other on the subway in matching outfits and in matching positions.

south korea ad

Finger mustaches!

Which one is your favorite?

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    • I feel like I see/experience so much weirdness on a day-to-day basis, and that these photos barely scratch the surface of Korea’s weirdness! It’s kind of weird to me how they don’t really like cats as much as “westerners” (as pets), but that there are cats on EVERYTHING!

    • I know! Most of the plastic surgery ads freak me out…the whole obsession with plastic surgery freaks me out! And matching outfits (unintentional or not) are still one of the most amusing things to me about Korea. ๐Ÿ™‚