Spicing Things Up: Las Margaritas in Seongnam

One thing I always miss while traveling abroad is the access to good Mexican food. I never realized how spoiled Americans are in our proximity to Mexico (and all the deliciousness that entails) until I was abroad and unable to find anything that could pass as Mexican food. I remember when I was studying abroad in Italy how much I missed it, and now in Korea, I am constantly searching for my next enchilada.

Las Margaritas

Las Margaritas

Las Margaritas

I’ve talked about a couple of other Mexican places in Seoul before, but recently, we found a place in another nearby city–Las Margaritas in Seongnam. Las Margaritas is probably the most authentic Mexican food I’ve had while in Korea. They have good corn chips, real sour cream, and spicy and delicious sauces. The decor is eclectic–the walls are covered in bright-colored patterns, and the shelves are stocked with Mexican trinkets. The service was good, and the waiter spoke perfect English. But best of all, the food is great!

Las Margaritas in Seongnam decor

Inside Las Margaritas in Seongnam

Las Margaritas in Seongnam decor

Las Margaritas in Seongnam decor

inside Las Margaritas

Las Margaritas in Seongnam

Las Margaritas is located in one of the cutest areas of Korea I’ve yet to see. The neighborhood is known as “Cafe Street” for the plethora of adorable cafes that line the streets, in addition to the cute boutique shops and European-style dining establishments. It’s a young, hip neighborhood full of stylish couples, artists and beautiful tree-lined streets. I think it’s a fair assumption that we’ll be finding ourselves back in this neighborhood again sometime soon!

Cafe Street in Seongnam

Cafe Street Seongnam

To get to Las Margaritas, take the Bundang Subway Line to Jukjeon and take exit 1. Go into Emart and up to the second floor, and then exit onto the bridge by the Outback Steakhouse. Cross the bridge and follow the street until you get to an intersection–you’ll see a Kraze Burgers restaurant on the left hand side. Take a hard right. Follow the street to the end, and Las Margaritas is on the right hand side.

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