Bottoms Up: All-You-Can-Drink Seoul

For as much as I might like to think of myself as a seasoned drinker (or at least been around some seasoned drinkers), Koreans put everything I’ve seen to shame.  It’s like drinking is a national past time!  And I’m not talking about a glass of soju at dinner. I do have a limited travel experience, but I have never been or heard of a place where it’s a weekly occurrence to see belligerently drunk men stumbling down the street or yelling in the subway (actually it’s more like three times a week).     More times than not, when out at a restaurant we’ll see at least 1 table with at least 10 bottles of soju emptied and two or three very happy Koreans.  This is not about bashing Koreans, on the contrary, it’s quite impressive at times.   These people know how to drink, and how to drink a lot!

And now my point to all this build-up:  all you can drink bars!  Before coming to Korea, I had never heard of such a thing.  Apparently, these do occur in other countries, but the two we have been to here are pretty amazing.  It’s not happy hour, it’s happy ALL NIGHT!

Club C-bar:  Sillim Stop, Line 2 – exit 6.  The club is in the buildings directly behind the stop, but you have to walk down the street about a block, take your first left, and again your first left.  On the third floor.  After you leave the subway, it’s almost like your walking in a big circle.  C-Bar’s facebook page

This is an all you can drink beer, tequila, and vodka bar.  Ladies get in for 10,000 won and the gents have to pay 30,000 (so much for equal rights!).  The place is meant to be a club, and the dancing is pretty fun.  Other than drinking until 4 am then going to a Noribong (singing room) until 5 or 6…the most amazing thing about our evening at C-bar was when all of a sudden ever Korean on the dance floor broke out into synchronized dancing!  This wasn’t your weak Electric Slide either, but full on hip-hop moves.  It was crazy! Well worth the painful morning after.

COEX Intercontinental Hotel

Lobby entrance to the Intercontinental; all the colored lighting shifts to other soft colors. Fancy!

Intercontinental Hotel at Coex: Samseong Stop, Line 2 – exit 6.  The hotel is down the street, past Coex.  Intercontinental Hotel at Coex

Looking for a bit more class, the International Hotel at Coex was our next venture in the all-you-can-drink department.  This was a wine bar, plus sampler buffet that is hosted by the hotel Saturdays from 6-9pm.  A little more expensive at 35,000 won a person, but the good wine and decent food is worth it.  We recommend calling ahead to make reservations, as they do get busy.  We have been here twice, and walking into the elegant lobby, it amazes me that a place as nice as this would host a regular winos night.  In fact, having gone to the Intercontinental the Saturday before the 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit, we had the odd chance to rub elbows with lots of press and some security details for the incoming diplomatic bigwigs.  No drinks with President Obama, though he would have been welcome!

Coex Intercontinental Hotel wine buffet

Yes. 5 people SHOULD drink this much wine.

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