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Visiting Virginia’s National Air and Space Museum

2015-2016 Virginia and DC-242

Oh, hello there. Is anyone still there? So…I took an unexpected two month blogging hiatus. And the reason is simply that I have been crazy busy. In January I started a new job doing destination marketing for a big cruise company, and that means traveling for work sometimes. And on top of that, we’re going […]

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Touring WA DC: The White House & Eishenhower Building

2015-2016 Virginia and DC-194

It wasn’t as big as I expected. That was my first thought after laying eyes on the White House for the first time. I wasn’t even sure we were at the right place at first. I double checked with Matt after we rounded the corner. “This is it?” He confirmed it was. So okay, maybe […]

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Around DC: Monuments, Memorials & More

2015-2016 Virginia and DC-199

One thing I love about Europe is the way that history is immortalized throughout the cities — in art, monuments, sculptures, memorials and architecture. A lot of American cities lack that — partially because we are a young country with only a fraction of the history of our European counterparts, and partly because so many of […]

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A DC Day: The Capitol & The Library of Congress

2015-2016 Virginia and DC-90

First of all, to anyone who is still here — sorry about that unintentionally long blogging break. We traveled for the holidays, and then when we got home I started a new job with a cruise line, which included a business trip at the end of my first week. It’s been a whirlwind! But I’m excited […]

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Wednesday Words: The Most Dangerous Risk Of All

Andrea and Matt in Senado Square

I find words inspiring. Words are powerful, and words matter. But other than giving me a fleeting moment of inspiration when I find a quote I like, they’re not doing me a whole lot of good stashed in my drafts folder. So I decided to share words with you every Wednesday — words that are […]

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